TeKne Silicone Dental Tubing for Pneumatic Handpieces

SKU: 4V-060-01

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TeKne HP tubing assembly, made in Italy.

Standard features:
  • Pneumatic 5-1/2' straight silicone tubing assembly with connectors for turbines, air micromotors and scalers.
  • The silicone sheath and the connectors can be easily and safely cleaned with any commercial cleansers.
  • Nuts and sleeves are chrome-plated with satin finish to reduce surface glare.
  • Sizes of the internal polyurethane tubings have been optimized to get the best performance of the attached instrument and minimize the kinking effect of sharp bends.
  • Internal tubings are extruded in controlled environment and meet FDA and Directive 2002/72/EC & Directive 2007/47/EC standards.
  • On special order, the inner waterline tubing can be extruded with an antimicrobial additive which prevents proliferation of bacteria on the inner surface.
  • Select from 3-hole, 4-hole, 5-hole or 6-pin tubing assembly
  • Choice of 4 standard tubing colors.

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