Light Bulb, 12 VAC 75 Watt

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3M Visilux I Visilux II, XL3000, Almore OP II, Coltene Coltolux Curing Units II, III and IV, Darby Dental Superdent 2001, 2005, Degussa Degulux, Demetron Optilux 101, Optilux 400, Optilux 403, Demetron VCL-100, VCL-200, VCL-300, First Medica Hilux 200, Lares Apollo CP, Lasac Tech LTI-5000, Megadental Megalux, Motloid Compolite 660, Penn Med 300L and 310 Curing Guns, Phasealloy Witelite Gun, Unitek Ortholux, Ortholux XT, Viva Dent Heliolux GT, COE Lunar TA

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