Bonart™ Magnet Scaler and Polisher Combo - Veterinary Unit


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For veterinarians looking for the power and reliability of The Maverick™ stand-alone magnetostrictive scaler, but also interested in a versatile low-speed micro-motor for polishing, the ART-SP1 Scaler Polisher/Combo is an efficient way to maximize space and reduce overhead. It features a 35,000 RPM micro-motor, an autoclavable nose cone (available in both 1:1 and 4:1 for varying torque needs), and includes a resusable metal prophy head (which can be replaced with Bonart™ brand PROformance™ disposables or any industry-standard reusable or disposable snap-on brand prophy head).

The ART-SP1 is designed for veterinary use only.

    Included Parts & Accessories:
    • ART SP1 scaler/ polisher in-one main unit
    • Attached scaling hand piece
    • Foot switch
    • Micro-motor
    • Micro-motor rubber stand
    • Polishing straight hand piece attachment
    • Polishing prophy head
    • Power cord
    • One IF-50 (25KHz) universal internal flow scaling insert

    Polishing cups and paste not included. Included accessories may vary per region.

    Scaler Specifications:

    • Power output: 10W~30W ± 10%
    • Operating frequency: 24.5KHz ± 5%
    • Acceptable water supply pressure: 172 ~ 414 kPa / 25 ~ 60 psi

      Polisher Specifications:

      • Speed: 2,000~30,000 rpm
      • Imported

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